Preliminary Workshop Program

09:00?09:30  Introduction by organizers

09:30?10:15  Three Talks:

  • Tuuli Keskinen & Tomi Heimonen:
    "Evaluating the User Experience of Multimodal Public Displays"
  • Robert Schleicher:
    "Evaluating App Modalities in Practice"
  • Monika Elepfandt:
    Voice Command as a Complementary Modality"

10:15-10:30  Discussion

10:30?10:45  Coffee break

10:45?11:30  Three Talks:

  • Benjamin Weiß:
    "Describing Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction"
  • Wolfgang Speicer:
    "Defining Multimodality for Tangible Interaction"

  • Pedro Mateo:
    "Model-based Measurement of Human-Computer Interaction in Mobile Multimodal Environments"

11:30-11:45  Discussion

11:45-12:30  Introduction of data sources for afternoon session

12:30?13:30  Lunch

13:30?14:00  Group assignment and introduction of research questions

14:00?15:00  Group discussions

15:00?15:15  Coffee break

15:15?16:00  Group specification

16:00?17:00  Group presentations and general discussion