The Process by which the positions are advertised

The scholarship-research positions are being advertised within Germany. The Graduate School has also publicized these positions using its domestic and international contacts, in order to find the most suitable candidates. Informations about currently announced scholar-ships can be found here: Vacancies Scholarship

Requirements for entry into the university

In addition to the formal requirements specified in the Doctoral Ordinance, the following are required for application and entry into the university.

  • Outstanding achievements in the Diploma or Masters studies in courses where the subject matter is appropriate to the interests of the Graduate School, for example mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, computer sciences, transportation systems, psychology, ergonomics, cognitive sciences, human factors etc.
  • Completing of one's studies in as short a time as possible
  • Providing academic references from the scientific field, but external to one's own courses and lectures
  • Very good knowledge of English and for applicants from non-German speaking countries, a sufficient level of German. Non-native speakers of German can naturally improve their language skills during their undertakings at the university, but an exam will have to be taken, in order to exhibit a level of German suitable for admission and for the demands of the Doctorate.

Documents to be submitted with application

The application must include the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • A filled-out Application Form using either Bewerbungsformular-2010.pdf {$ext.ml_links.fileSymbol} (193 KB) | Bewerbungsformular-2010.odt {$ext.ml_links.fileSymbol} (79 KB)
  • Resume (CV) with photo
  • Copies of all credentials (Pre-diploma, Diploma, Bachelor, Master)
  • If applicable, a description of one's own intended topic of research The title, table of contents and summary of the Diploma or Masters thesis and where applicable all published works

Please note, you can't save the form with the Adobe Reader. Please "print" the filled form with FreePDF. If you have any question to create the PDF-file, send a message to Steffen Hartwig, {$ext.ml_links.fileSymbol} steffen.hartwig-Entfernen Sie diesen

The application documents should be scanned and submitted on a pdf-file by email to the Project Coordinator Frau Sandra Widera: {$ext.ml_links.fileSymbol} bewerbung-Entfernen Sie diesen

Only in exceptional cases, where an electronic application is not possible, should the application be posted to the Spokesman for the Graduate School as follows:

Zentrum Mensch-Maschine-Systeme
Technische Universität Berlin
Herr Prof. Dr. Manfred Thüring
GRK "prometei"
Sekretariat FR 2-6
Franklinstr. 28/29
10587 Berlin

Procedures for selecting candidates

The technical focus of the candidate?s prior education and his or her intended topic of research should be evident from the documents submitted. In addition to the doctoral subject matters listed above, other doctoral themes that are of interest to the applicant will be considered. With regard to such submissions, the applicant should compose a description outlining how this specific research could be integrated into the current Research Clusters of the graduate courses, and if necessary address any issues that may arise with regard to a prospective time schedule for both the integration and undertaking of this intended research.

Upon careful review of the applications, the most promising candidates will then be invited to an interview in Berlin. The invited applicants are asked to bring with them a copy of their Diploma/Masters work and where applicable copies of their published work. The interview should begin with a thirty minute presentation of the applicant?s scientific subject matter, for example the work undertaken in the Diploma or the Masters, and will continue with a discussion. Following this, candidates will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their initial ideas regarding their intended doctorate. In addition, questions can and should be put to the facility, particularly regarding the conditions under which the scholarship is granted and the associated performance that is required.

After completion of all discussions and careful analysis of the applicants and their submissions, the university will then make a decision on the admission of research-assistants and the respective granting of scholarship.

Frequently asked questions

For further questions not clarified above please go to: Frequently Asked Questions.