Amount and duration of the fellowships

You can find a list of frequently asked questions on the web site of the German Research Foundation (DFG). In the following, some of them are adapted to the conditions of the research training group.

How long can I get a fellowship?

The maximum duration of a PhD scholarship is 24 plus 12 months.

What is an increased fellowship?

An increased fellowship is 1.468 EUR (1.365 EUR basic amount + 103 EUR material supplement). In addition, it is possible to have a supplement for the family (400,00 ? for the first child and 100,00 ? for each additional child) or for child care (dependent on the number of children). The fellowships are free of taxes and social security payments, but the PhD students are responsible themselves for having a health insurance policy. Therefore, the net income is a little bit lower than that for a full BAT IIa position. On the other hand, the short doctorate duration of 3 years should be considered as compensation. In detail, you can read these information in the form 2.22 of the DFG (pages 2-8), you can find the current figures in the enclosures 1.30o and 1.30w.

Application documents

Can I submit my diploma thesis on CD?

Of course you can submit a copy of your diploma thesis on CD, but we accept only the passive formats such as Portable Document Format (pdf) or PostScript. In this case it is not necessary to send an additional paper copy.

Do I need a written certificate or is it enough to have a reference?

As the research training group starts already on 1st of October 2004, we decided to consider the nomination of one/two external experts as sufficient. Afterwards, we will ask these experts for their opinion should the occasion arise. If you already enclose a certificate to your application we would be grateful.