Current position

since 10/2007 Research scientist at "Prospective Interaction Design" research group.

Focus of work

  • model-based process monitoring
  • Model Predictiv Control (MPC) in the process industies / complex chemical plants
  • optimal model-based process control

Career progession

  • since 10/2007
    PhD student at the "prometei" research group | Research topic: "Process Monitoring for Assessment of Operating Performance in Complex Systems".
  • 01/2007 - 07/2007
    Diploma Thesis at Degussa GmbH (now evonik-degussa) | Research topic: "Predictiv Functional Control (PFC) in a distillation column".
  • 04/2006 - 10/2006
    Internship at Degussa AG (now evonik-degussa) | Research topic: "Analysing, Developing und Simulate inhouse used control strategie: Predictiv Functional Control (PFC)".
  • 01/2005 - 06/2005
    student research project at Institutes für Prozes- und Verfahrenstechnik | Research topic: "Active reduction of tonal noise components of axial turbomachinery with extremum-seeking-control (extremum control)".
  • 02/2003 - 04/2006
    student staff members of Institutes für Prozes- und Verfahrenstechnik. | focus of work:
    • Mentoring the measurement and control engineering I laboratory course
    • Mentoring the measuring I laborty course
  • 01/2001 - 12/2002
    student co-worker at Flection Germany GmbH
  • 04/2000 - 08/2007
    Study " Information technology in mechanical engineering" at TU Berlin | Focus of studying:
    • Process System Technic (PST)
    • Automatic control engineering

Private activities

  • badminton
  • volleyball


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  • Satriadarma, B., Barz, T., Arellano-Garcia, H., Luft, H., & Wozny, G. (2008) Predictive functional control of a high pressure distillation column. CHISA 2008. Prague, Czech Republic.
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  • Garwon, M., Schulz, J., Satriadarma, B., King, R., Möser, M. & Neise, W. (2004) Adaptive and robust control for the reduction of tonal noise components of axial turbomachinery with flow control. CFA/DAGA 2004. Strasbourg, France.