Research Cluster 12

Application of cognitive User Models in the process of system development

Research Cluster 12 focuses on the procedures for modeling and integrating cognitive and physical models into the simulation of control processes of human-machine-systems. Cluster 12 is headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nele Rußwinkel. At the moment 1 scholarship is assigned in the cluster.

Cognitive Modeling of User Expecations

Stefan Lindner, M.Sc.

1st supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nele Rußwinkel
2nd supervisor: Prof. Dr. phil. Manfred Thüring

Goal of the dissertation is to model user interaction with technical devices using the cognitive architecture ACT-R. In the focus of the modeling effort will be the description and implementation of user expectations. Starting from simple reaction time experiments I hope to arrive at a general theory of the buildup, use and modification of expectations that helps to implement expectations in ACT-R. The theory will then be used to predict how user behavior varies with varying expectations towards a certain technical artefact. While the modeling of expectations will be useful in general to better predict and understand human behaviour, in the context of human factors I especially hope to better inform the concept of intuitive use.

Finished PhD Projects: